Tropical Storm or Hurricane Expected to Hit by Labor Day

Scientists believe two weather systems in the Atlantic could turn into a major storm or hurricane for the East Coast in the coming week, according to data from the National Hurricane Center.

Models released publicly Tuesday indicate one of the systems has an 80% chance of becoming a storm or hurricane in the next five days, with a 50% chance of developing into one within the next 48 hours.

That could make it the first storm to hit since the beginning of this month, with this August currently standing as one of the calmest in recorded history, Daily Mail reported.

“Although environmental conditions are only marginally conducive, some gradual development of this system is expected over the next several days, and a tropical depression is likely to form later this week,” the hurricane center report read.

A large reason for this year’s calm August has been dust from the Sahara Desert sweeping across the Atlantic, making it harder for hurricanes to form.

Researchers estimate that without the dust, we would have had around eight storms already this year. Instead, we have had three.

Around this time in 2021, the U.S. fought off Tropical Storm Fred in Florida before it caused 31 tornadoes from Georgia to Massachusetts, the Mail noted.

Less than a week after Tropical Storm Fred last year, Hurricane Henri slammed into New England, causing catastrophic flooding off the coast.

“Environmental conditions could support some slow development of the system thereafter while it moves generally west-northwestward over the northwestern Caribbean Sea and toward the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico,” forecaster Daniel Brown wrote.

Via              Newsmax


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