Airport Bombings Prove ISIS-K’s Deadly Resurgence – But They Could Be Just Getting Started

On Thursday, Americans awoke to the news that the crisis in Kabul, Afghanistan, had gotten worse in the most predictable fashion imaginable.

With the Biden administration having precipitously removed American forces from the country and ceding it to the Taliban, thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies had been left to evacuate without sufficient military protection.

The consequence was that thousands of Westerners and their friends were mass migrating into a highly populated space smack in the middle of an Islamic terrorist country without protection or means of deterrence — and terrorist activity occurred.

For President Joe Biden and company, this was just an inevitable complication — a sacrifice they were willing to make in order to end America’s Forever War.

For those on the ground, this meant 13 American servicemen dead and 18 injured, and north of 170 civilians murdered and at least 200 wounded, according to CNN.


It was the deadliest day in Afghanistan for the American military since 2011, and the first American combat fatality since February 2020.


This did not have to happen, even if the pullout was going to occur. At this point, however, Americans need to know who was responsible, aside from the Biden administration, because the withdrawal will continue and, consequently, so will the terrorism.

All signs indicate that ISIS-K is the terrorist group responsible for this latest crime against humanity, a “complex attack” consisting of a simultaneous car and suicide bombing.

Islamic State Khorasan Province, which stated that it was targeting “translators and collaborators with the American army,” was founded in 2015 as a regional offshoot of ISIS committed to a more radical and militant Islamic worldview than even the Taliban, which has rendered the two terrorist organizations in competition for regional supremacy.

The distinguishing factor between ISIS-K and other Islamic terrorist groups is in fact its willingness to attack these other organizations, as evidenced by the bombing this week at Hamid Karzai International Airport, which the New York Post reported killed 28 members of the Taliban, much to the excitement of its perpetrators.

So what does ISIS-K want? If the Taliban is insufficiently committed to the cause of Islamic fundamentalism, what does proper commitment look like?

Aside from rape, public executions, dismemberment, flogging and the banning of mass media of virtually any sort, this special breed of terrorists wants a transnational Islamic state under which Taliban rule looks like an old Hays Code Hollywood production.

In this, ISIS-K shares an aim with former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, for whom the ousting of the Soviet communists from Afghanistan in 1989 was insufficient.

Not merely should foreign military and economic superpowers be booted from Middle Eastern territory, but Western influence must be destroyed at the source through attacks on “far enemies,” namely the United States.

At its pinnacle, ISIS-K consisted of several thousand members throughout its caliphate in Iraq and Syria. But as a consequence of the Trump administration’s foreign policy (a.k.a. the “Mother of All Bombs”), it was decimated to the point that, like the Taliban, ISIS-K rubes were relegated to cave life.

The fact is that the United States military and U.S.-backed Afghan government were sufficient to keep the cavemen underground.

Pull the American military out and castrate the Afghans, however, and the terrorists emerge again from under their rocks.

Beginning when Biden announced plans for full withdrawal in April, this is exactly what has happened.

Discontent Taliban militants broke off to pad the ranks of ISIS-K, which was rebuilding its capabilities and preparing to punish the Taliban for compromising Islamic fundamentalist values through negotiations with Western powers — who themselves must be destroyed.

And here were stand: President Biden has determined that the American military is to be protected from our enemies rather than employed to protect American citizens from them; American allies have been backstabbed by the United States to the point that the British fear the end of our “special relationship”; and Afghanistan has been turned over to the tender mercies of the worst people on earth and another group of people who believe their tactics to be too watered down.

Both of these terrorist groups will soon be competing with each other, devoid of American resistance, to see just how far the reach of the terrorist capital of the world should extend.

As ISIS-K emerges from hiding, the most powerful and sophisticated military force in world history will retreat back to within its own borders.

Via  The Western Journal

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