Barron Trump Makes Public Appearance, Towers Over Parents: How Much Taller Did He Get?

Former President Donald Trump’s son, Barron Trump, made a rare appearance Wednesday.

The 16-year-old can be seen standing next to his 5-foot-11 mother, Melania Trump, and 6-foot-3 father, Donald Trump, as the family mourned the loss of Ivana Trump, Donald’s first wife, on Wednesday.

Barron is pictured wearing a blue suit and looking strikingly similar to his father, Donald.

At over 6 feet tall, he towers over all his family members and seems to have grown even more than what previous photos have shown.

Just last year, Barron went viral after he was photographed with his mom as they exited their residence.

“Newest Trump Tower: Barron shows off his 6-foot-7 height in NYC,” the New York Post said. But this was over a year ago – it is quite possible that he has grown even more since then.

And about a month ago, another photo of Barron – taken in May 2021 – began trending on social media.

In the most recent photo, the family was gathered Wednesday at St. Vincent Ferrer Church on the Upper East Side for Ivana’s funeral, the Evening Standard reported.

“A very sad day, but at the same time a celebration of a wonderful and beautiful life,” the former President said on his new social media platform, Truth Social, before arriving with Melania and their son, Barron.

“She was outstanding. Beautiful inside and out. We began all of it, our lives together, with such a great relationship,” he told the New York Post in another tribute to his ex-wife.

Ivana passed away July 14 after sustaining injuries from a fall down a flight of stairs in her Manhattan apartment.

Ivana had three children with Donald: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric — all of whom spoke fondly of their mother during her service, according to the Standard.

Ivanka Trump hailed her mother as a “trailblazer” who embodied the American dream.

“Growing up, my mother didn’t tell me a woman could do anything she wanted to – she showed me.

“She was a trailblazer to men and women alike. My mother once told me there was nothing she couldn’t do in heels. She taught us how to spear fish and then cook what we caught. My mom expanded our minds,” Ivana said.

Eric Trump added, “She had brains; she had beauty. She was the embodiment of the American dream … she was a force of nature, could beat any man down the slopes, any woman on the runway.

“She ruled the three of us with an iron fist but also a heart of gold.”

If one thing is clear, the former First Family seems to continue to live in the public’s eye.

And it will likely remain that way as Donald Trump eyes another run in 2024.

Via            The Western Journal


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