Bombshell Report: FBI Plotted to Kidnap Whitmer and Then Blamed It on Conservatives

Have the employees of America’s top law enforcement agency become the biggest criminals of them all?

This is not a rhetorical question.

It is now obvious that the FBI, along with most other government agencies, became weaponized during the Obama administration.

Although the corruption had begun even earlier, the bureau’s unequal application of the law became crystal clear when former FBI Director James Comey exonerated then-presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in July 2016. At the same time, top agency officials were ramping up their manufactured case against then-candidate Donald Trump based upon a dossier we now know they were aware was phony opposition research.

That’s why BuzzFeed News’ report that FBI informants played what looks to be an outsize role in the plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last September may disturb us but doesn’t necessarily surprise us.

In a deep, deep dive, the left-leaning media outlet detailed the events leading up to this crime, and many of the key figures involved have turned out to be FBI informants.

It’s no wonder the suspects are pointing blame at them.

One of the informants, an Iraq War veteran, appeared to be calling the shots. Prior to the kidnapping, he reportedly asked his accomplices, “Everybody down with what’s going on?”

According to BuzzFeed, “for six months, the Iraq War vet had been wearing a wire, gathering hundreds of hours of recordings. He wasn’t the only one. A biker who had traveled from Wisconsin to join the group was another informant. The man who’d advised them on where to put the explosives — and offered to get them as much as the task would require — was an undercover FBI agent. So was a man in one of the other cars who said little and went by the name Mark.”

When one thinks of an FBI informant, one envisions a passive individual who plays enough of a role to remain credible but takes little or no part in the actual commission of the crime.

We still don’t have all the facts, but Buzzfeed paints a damning picture: “Working in secret, [the informants] did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.”

In October, the media portrayed the FBI as heroes. Reports said they had thwarted the plan to kidnap Whitmer and disrupted the plot to overthrow the government.

According to The Detroit News, “Federal agents said [on Oct. 8] they thwarted a plot to violently overthrow the government as well as kidnap and harm Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — a conspiracy that included visits to her home in northern Michigan and training with firearms and explosive devices.”

“The alleged plot mainly involved six conspirators unhappy in part about Whitmer’s coronavirus restrictions, calling her a ‘tyrant.’ They wanted to create a ‘self-sufficient’ society free from what they called unconstitutional state governments and discussed plans to storm the Capitol and take hostages, according to FBI documents filed in court.”

But we’ve seen this rodeo before.

The FBI’s complicity in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was incredibly bold and incredibly shocking. That the premier law enforcement agency in the United States would try to frame a candidate and then the newly elected president for a crime they knew he did not commit and allow the farce to continue until there was nowhere left for it to go was something most of us would never have thought possible. The fact that no one was ever held accountable for this massive deception is mind-blowing.

We also witnessed FBI officials set up Gen. Michael Flynn to achieve the left’s political goals. They turned this innocent man’s life into a living hell for four years. No one was ever held accountable for that crime either.

We haven’t heard the evidence yet in the Whitmer case, but the information provided in the BuzzFeed article appears very suspicious indeed. It would surprise no one to hear that the FBI was up to its old tricks again.

Trump didn’t realize when he replaced James Comey with the current FBI director, Christopher Wray, it made no difference.

Although Wray did not preside over the FBI’s bogus counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, he is very much a creature of the deep state. He spent four years trying to cover up the criminal behavior of former and current FBI officials.

The FBI has lost the trust of at least half of all Americans. It will be impossible to recover that trust without a thorough overhaul of the entire organization.

Via The Western Journal

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