BREAKING: Corrupt and Unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee Releases Text Messages Showing Hannity Encouraging McEnany “No More Stolen Election Talk”

Text messages show Trump insiders worked to get President Trump past the stolen 2020 Election. 

The corrupt Jan 6 committee, which is likely unconstitutional and working outside of its mandate, is another entity created by the corrupt and criminal left to again project their crimes onto others.  Like the Russia collusion sham projected Biden’s crimes onto President Trump, the Jan 6 Committee accuses President Trump and Americans who believe the 2020 Election was stolen, as being insurrectionists.

The Democrats stole the 2020 Election and every day we find more and more information that proves this is the case.  The 2020 Election steal was the Deep State’s and Democrats’ ultimate coup of President Trump and America.  Now they label Americans who were upset about their massive crime insurrectionists.  This is a total projection.

The Jan 6 Committee has subpoenaed numerous documents from the Trump White House.  This corrupt committee is now releasing select documents that they want to get out to the mainstream media.  This whole sham should be shut down and the instigators investigated and prosecuted for codifying the stolen 2020 Election.

Today we find out that Sean Hannity from FOX News text Kayleigh McEnany after the stolen election.

Per Citizen Free Press:

Below is a tweet showing the documents released by the corrupt and unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee.

This is criminal activity.  The Jan 6 Committee takes text messages, likely illegally, and uses them in a hit job on Hannity and McEnany.  (Maybe someday Hannity will have me on to share from an international audit executive’s perspective the massive amount of evidence showing that the election was stolen.)

These texts were released to hurt President Trump, Hannity, and McEnany.  Of course, Democrats stole the election.  The Mueller sham proved they would do anything for power.  The Jan 6 committee is another example. 

Via      The Gateway Pundit 

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