Brutal New Rifle Design Literally Doubles Firepower, Drops Bad Guys ‘Like Flies’

A new twist on an old weapon has produced a very deadly gun used by Britain’s elite SAS forces.

Everyone knows about the double-barrel shotgun, a standby on farms across America for generations.

The Gilboa Snake is a very advanced upgrade of the two-muzzle concept that can fire 1,000 shots per minute, according to the U.K.’s Daily Star.

It reported that two SAS soldiers used the Snake when they killed up to 12 Islamic State fighters in less than a minute in northern Syria.

No names were used in the Star’s report, but the tale was told this way by its source.

“The troops opened fire on a group of men loading explosives into a car. The six-man SAS team opened up but most of the fire came from two guys armed with the Gilboa,” the source said.

“The two soldiers fired burst after burst and the insurgents dropped like flies — the weapon really is a force multiplier.”

The Star reported that the gun can even fire when one side jams.

“The great thing about the weapon is that if one side of it jams the other will still fire — and every time you pull the trigger you are hitting the target with a double burst,” the source said.

Lasers can be added to the rifle, allowing it to have precision at 800 meters.

Shots fired at a range of 100m in a 20-round burst can accurately hit a target, the report said.

The Star reported that the gun has been adopted as an option by the U.S. Army’s “Delta Force” special ops unit.

The rifle was designed by the Israel company Silver Shadow and Gilboa USA, according to Spec Ops magazine, and comes in a civilian semiautomatic version.

The gun does have one downside — given its rate of fire, it burns through ammunition.

Via   The Western Journal

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