Christian Populist Movement Rising: Draws Overflow Crowd for Patriotic Event

A gathering of Christian patriots in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Thursday lived up to its billing as a manifestation of a rising Christian populist movement.

“Flashpoint” host Gene Bailey, whose program filmed live at the event, said over 9,000 were in attendance, with many having to watch from the overflow area outside the arena on the campus of Oral Roberts University.

The Western Journal covered the “Flashpoint Live” events in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in September 2021, when there were perhaps 3,000 on-hand, and in Hanford, California, in February, when approximately 4,000 attended, so the popularity of the events certainly seemed to be growing.

Bailey indicated in an interview with The Western Journal last week that he believed God would be taking the movement to a new level in Tulsa.

“You have to understand we’ve got a job to do, and it’s time to stand up and take our place as Americans and turn this nation back to the Judeo-Christian values that we all hold dear,” he said.

On Thursday, Bailey said to the thunderous approval of crowd, “We could think of no place better to start what has become a movement among Americans than Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

Panelists Lance Wallnau, pastor Hank Kunneman, and evangelist Mario Murillo were all in agreement that the event was a marker in the Christian populist movement in the country.

“I believe we need to put our faith out for this to be the beginning of a movement. I can see rallies all over America,” Wallnau said.

Bailey affirmed that was his intention.

Kunneman proclaimed: “United we stand. Listen, united we are dangerous.”

Murillo added that the purpose of the movement was to “change America.”

“Tonight, we are proving to the world that we are now no longer a remnant, an underground movement. But we are the army of God, and we are going to take this nation back, in the name of Jesus,” he said.

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The crowd at Tulsa was definitely pro-former President Donald Trump.

Wallnau and Kunneman said they had seen God actually working through Trump being denied a second consecutive term.

“We’ve said there would be a populist backlash. We said it back when nobody wanted to talk about it, because everybody wanted to see President Trump get back into office and the election overturned,” Wallnau said. “I think we were right in seeing that God himself is saying that the only answer for this country is going to be Jesus Christ, not Donald Trump.”

“So the wisdom of God is so much greater than our wisdom. We pray knowing in part, but God knew something else. The country needed to see where its condition was,” Wallnau added.

He contended that Christians understood that America had gotten off course both politically and morally, just as the left intended, but Trump’s loss lifted the veil so that many fellow citizens could better see it.

“They need to see the natural outcome of the policies, the worldview, frankly the religion of the radical left. And they need to see the criminal nature of the apathy on the Ahab spirit on the right,” Wallnau said.

Kunneman concurred.

“I believe that God has allowed this to happen to reveal the state not of the union only,” he said, “but also the state of his church.”

The pastor predicted that the left would not succeed in destroying America.

“I’m here to tell you that they are standing against something greater than all of us. It is almighty God who loves the United States of America and he loves his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it,” Kunneman said.

Kunneman described an awakening happening thanks, in part ironically, to all the political turmoil and questions surrounding the last election: “Who would have ever thought? Had the events of Nov. 3 [2020] never happened, would this really be taking place?”

“So awakening is more than we understand, but we’re watching it and we’re seeing it. And the most important thing, people’s lives are being touched. God is being touched and that’s how you change the nation,” Kunneman said.

Murillo said God was working through Christians not only to impact the politics and culture, but also to heal and to restore people’s lives.

“Get ready America,” he said, “we are coming and heaven’s coming with us.”

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Via          The Western Journal

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