DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: Our 2022 Message Is Going To Be Democrats Deliver, Republicans Obstruct

During an interview this morning with MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle, DNC Chair Jamie Harrison made clear that the Dems 2022 message is going to be that Democrats deliver for the American people, but Republicans “obstruct.

This is of course absurd.

The Republicans have done far, far more to work with Democrats, confirming Biden’s nominees in bi-partisan fashion for example, than Democrats ever did to cooperate with former President Trump.

The Democrats main message seems to be, we can lie through our teeth and no matter what we say the media will support it.

That said it is true that many Republicans ARE trying to obstruct the Democrats plans to destroy this country and turn it into a socialist, totalitarian run nation. Which is a very good thing.

If you choose not to watch the video above, read this transcript, it is very enlightening:

RUHLE: “The Democrats are at the crossroads. It is now clear that the president wants to move both the hard and human infrastructure bills forward at the same time. But to do that, he needs time for negotiations, and that is going to require resetting expectations for his fellow Democrats in Congress and really across the country. Joining me now to discuss, someone who has to deal with all of this, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. Jaime, always good to have you here. You have a lot to do. If neither of these bills get passed, and I know they are hugely important, but right now neither has been inked. If they don’t get passed, how do you convince voters it is still worth sticking with Democrats in 2022?”

HARRISON: “Well, Stephanie, they’re going to get passed because they have to get passed. When you think about what President Biden is trying to do here, we haven’t seen something like this since probably FDR. I mean, he has taken a very ambitious program, because right now the American people need investment in them and — and their families and their communities and the infrastructure. And President Biden has taken the agenda that he promised the American people he would do on the presidential campaign trail and he’s bringing that together right now. Now, is it easy? No, it’s not easy. Sausage making ain’t pretty. Legislating is also not pretty sometimes as well. But what we’re going to do is make sure that we continue to move forward and we deliver for the American people. That is our message going into 2022. Democrats deliver, Republicans obstruct.”

Via   The Federalist Papers

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