Experts Challenge Climate Summit, Biden Plan

Climate experts are slamming world leaders, including President Joe Biden, gathered in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) , saying the real threat isn’t being posed by rising emissions but from the heads of state themselves.

James Taylor, president of the Illinois-based Heartland Institute think tank, blasted the “self-righteous climate activists and politicians” who will be “riding in personal limousines this week to lecture the rest of us about our carbon dioxide emissions.”

As world leaders at the two-week conference shared their plans to combat climate change, the Biden administration also revealed its own plans to turn the U.S. into an entirely clean energy nation by 2050.

But critics point out that Biden’s lofty plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and send billions of climate aid to developing countries doesn’t have the backing of Congress and has little public support from Americans.

Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said Biden and his advisers have “little to offer but hot air” at the summit.

“The only policies to lower emissions that the Biden-Harris administration has to offer at the UN climate conference are increasing energy prices and economic collapse,” he said.

Steve Milloy, founder of, said the “two major shortcomings of U.N. climate conferences are the failures to consider costs and feasibility.”

“The climate agenda is expensive and is not even possible to implement in a medium-sized wealthy industrial economy,” Milloy said. “Yet the pressure to implement these demonstrably failed policies has taken on the air of hysteria. What’s really going on is that nations are being hurried to adopt climate policies before more people realize that they are too expensive, don’t work and are not even needed in the first place.”

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