Facebook Protects Hunter Biden as He Sexually Exploits Woman, Removes Posts on Massive Scandal

Hunter Biden can always count on Facebook having his back.

This was made quite clear leading up to the 2020 election, when Facebook restricted the spread of the New York Post’s bombshell exposé of the president’s son.

That exposé covered the contents of Hunter’s previously misplaced laptop, which the Post happened to come into possession of. The laptop contained emails showing Hunter had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a Ukrainian energy executive.

Now, Facebook is protecting the president’s son yet again by restricting the reach of reporting on his most recent sex scandal.

In this newer scandal, a video shared by the U.K. Daily Mail shows Biden nude with a woman reported to be a hooker as he explains how Russian drug dealers may be blackmailing him over a stolen laptop (a different one from the one in the New York Post’s original report). In the video, Hunter then claims that the laptop has potentially damning videos of him “doing crazy f***ing sex.”

On Thursday, Facebook removed The Western Journal’s coverage of the scandal from its platform.

Additionally, The Western Journal has been restricted from “going live” or advertising on the platform for 30 days over the story.

Facebook’s reasoning for this crackdown?

Apparently, the video — despite being heavily censored and obscured to protect the identity of the alleged sex worker — goes against Facebook’s “standards on adult sexual exploitation.”

It appears that similar restrictions have been applied to coverage of the scandal published by the New York Post and the U.K. Daily Mail, as those stories cannot be shared to Facebook. If one attempts to share those stories, an error prompt appears saying “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

Now, if Facebook banned the video in an attempt to protect the woman shown, that argument could be reasonable. After all, by filming a video of her nude and allegedly paying her for sex, it can certainly be argued that Hunter Biden was sexually exploiting her.

However, if that truly was Facebook’s intent, there was no need to restrict The Western Journal’s coverage of the scandal, given that the woman’s identity is unknown and her face and body are blurred out throughout the entire video.

The video in question is not only relevant news; it is a story that the American public deserves and needs to hear about.

The son of the most powerful man in the free world admitted he may be a victim of Russian blackmail.

Facebook’s questionable reasoning exposes its blatant left-wing bias, a bias that was previously on full display when the social media giant chose to censor the original Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Facebook will continue to cover for its left-wing allies.

That’s why direct subscription is so important.

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Otherwise, you’re letting Facebook choose what news you’re allowed to see.

Via The Western Journal

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