Florida Governor DeSantis Stands Up to Washington DC and the Teachers Unions

Florida Governor Rick DeSantis is hands down the best governor is the United States of America.

He has consistently stood for the freedom of the individual and now he’s at it again. This time he’s bucking the demands out of Washington D.C. and from teachers unions that school age kids be masked while on campus.

During a press conference Governor DeSantis said ” “We look forward to this upcoming year to be a normal school year, to be in person and live like normal — and learn like normal kids.”

“There’s been talk about, potentially people advocating at the federal level, imposing compulsory masks on kids. We’re not doing that in Florida, okay??

“At the end of the day, we got to start putting our kids first,” DeSantis added. “We gotta look out for their education. Is it really comfortable? Is it really healthy for them to be muzzled and have their breathing obstructed all day long in school? I don’t think it is.”

“And I look to think — I have a 3-year-old son. You got people like Fauci saying he should be muzzled, that you should be throwing masks on these 3-year-old kids. It’s totally unacceptable.”

The science does not dictate that kids wear masks while on campus. They are at very low risk from the disease and there is no evidence showing that they spread the disease to adults in any significant way.

In my mind this push for masking kids while on campus is all about teaching them to comply with the dictates of the state. Nothing more, nothing less.

Via The Federalist Papers

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