Houston-Area Suspect Wanted for Threatening to Kill Sen. Cruz

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Isaac Ambe Nformangum from the Houston area for threatening to kill Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republican leaders over the party’s platform concerning voting rights, KWTX reported on Sunday.

The investigation began on June 27 by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office after a report of a threatening call had been made to Cruz’s Houston office from a Capitol Police officer.

According to Fox26, the caller said: “This is one of the many Afro-American constituents of whom you are representative of here in Texas … I have just read the Texas Republican Party’s platform for this current 2022 year, wherein it is apparent that your colleagues intend to have the Voting Rights Act repealed and not reauthorized. Every last one of your Republican colleagues to have signed off on that platform is to be and found and, is to be found and killed, be it by a bullet to the face or by the smashing of a brick in your skull. It is a civic duty of every American citizen or resident to see to it that every last one of your colleagues is to be killed.”

Authorities managed to track the number to someone with the same last name as the suspect, as well as to his Instagram account, KWTX reported.

Nformangum, 22, was arrested late last month, but then was released on July 3, according to Fox 26.

He did not show up to his scheduled court date this past Friday and remains at large, according to Click2Houston.

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