Kayleigh McEnany Blasts Biden: US Never Had ‘Crisis After Crisis’ Under Trump

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany this week pointed out the contrasts between President Joe Biden’s crisis-ridden presidency and former President Donald Trump with one telling way to compare.

Only seven months into his tenure, Biden has been plagued with a series of national and international issues, ranging from the southern border to the Middle East — crises that directly threaten Americans’ safety and security more than anything Trump faced in his entire four years.

On Fox News “Fox News Primetime” while speaking with host Jesse Watters on Tuesday, McEnany summed up the disaster that the current administration is when compared to its predecessor.

“When President Trump was president, you didn’t see crisis after crisis,” she told Watters during a conversation about Biden’s plummeting poll numbers. “You just didn’t see it.”


Many people might have thought they were seeing chaos during the tumultuous Trump years, as the establishment media lost its collective mind and threw away its credibility to attempt to derail the Trump administration at every turn for years.

Speculation about malicious and unfounded leaks, reporting on a fake and salacious dossier and other numerous contrived controversies portrayed the Trump White House as a spectacle.

But that was the mainstream media projecting itself onto what and whom it hated.

In truth, the Trump White House was incredibly effective, considering the unrelenting attacks it faced from unprincipled political opponents and their media allies. Its accomplishments in foreign policy and with the economy at home were impressive.

But once it became clear Biden would be inaugurated, the establishment media’s Democratic Party lapdogs attempted to pretend that “adults” were back in charge of the country.

Just look at McEnany’s replacement in the briefing room, Jen Psaki, attempt to explain why the Taliban are dictating what the U.S. military does in Afghanistan on Tuesday:

The bar has been set low. Almost eight months into the Biden administration and we now see what “adults” look like to the activist stooges in the establishment media.

The country is facing a resurgence in COVID cases as the White House and Biden’s health “experts’” obsession with mask mandates and other forms of control undermine the vaccine they’re pushing at every turn.

The current reported uptick in COVID cases coincides with the border crisis Biden has created.

In addition to having potential human super spreaders come across the southern border hour by hour, those people are being released into communities across the country.

This all occurs as Biden’s spending thus far this year has created what is essentially a tax on poor Americans through rising inflation. The border and inflation crises rage on as people buckle under fuel prices now that the country has lost its energy independence.

But these crises are months old. Perhaps there was the possibility in the minds of some people even a month ago that the Biden administration might show some aptitude toward foreign policy. We have all seen in August that the president and his advisers are all just really bad at their jobs.

American citizens and allies to the U.S. military in Afghanistan face horrible treatment after Biden surrendered the country over to the Taliban in a colossal blunder.

We don’t know if we will be able to get thousands of reported Americans home by Biden’s absurd and arbitrary Aug. 31 exit date (which the Taliban terrorists insist on). And we don’t even know if many of the thousands of Afghans being brought into this country were ever our allies.

“Chaos” is when you have unvetted and potential terrorists being relocated to American cities while American school children are stranded in Afghanistan. “Chaos” is when people fall from an Air Force C-17 leaving the country.

The worst part about what has transpired over the past several weeks is that none of it is surprising. To McEnany’s point, the Biden administration has, in half a year, created one crisis after another.

Despite the media’s contrived crises and hoaxes regarding all things Trump for four years, it’s plain to see that all Biden has accomplished in 2021 has been to destabilize Washington and turn the federal government against millions of Americans.

Via  The Western Journal

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