Lying Joe Biden Makes Up Story About Baseball Glory Days, Gets Completely Debunked by Fact-Checker

President Joe Biden lied about smashing a ball 368 feet during one of his first congressional baseball games when speaking with professional baseball players Monday, according to a fact-check from the Republican National Committee.

Biden hosted the 2020 World Series-winning Los Angeles Dodgers at the White House on Friday. His official Twitter account shared an image of the visit.

Yahoo Sports reported Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were gifted custom team jerseys. Biden also gave the usual speech, telling his guests how great they are and how wonderful what they do is for “democracy.”

“Not only does Dodger Stadium host world champions, it helps save lives and strengthen our democracy as well,” Biden added as he touted that fans are now returning to games.


What? A transcript of the comments provided by the White House shows just how intricate Biden’s tall tale was.

“I just want you to know that there — we have a congressional baseball game every year. In the very beginning, I used to be a centerfielder and my Walter Mitty dream — anyways, it’s a long story, but … my kids only remember two things that ever happened to me in my career — my boys,” he said.

Biden was fact-checked on the obvious tall tale by Zach Parkinson with RNC Research, who shared Erickson’s tweet and was armed with old newspaper reporting of Biden’s actual Congressional baseball game performance.

“Biden’s second Congressional baseball game would have been in 1974,” Parkinson wrote. “Did he really hit a 368 foot shot? No, he went 0-2.”


The reporting stated Biden went 0-2 with a groundout and a strikeout. In another tweet, Parkinson confirmed Biden did not mix up the year his alleged long bomb was hit, which could have been at least a possibility.

“In 1975, Biden was so good he ‘got stuck in traffic’ and didn’t start … But he did make sure his press team reached out to Delaware’s Morning News to issue a correction so everyone knew he actually ‘played’ in the game,” Parkinson noted.

Parkinson shared some other interesting tweets to correct the president’s account of the events.

Politico, citing the RNC Research fact check, reached out to the White House about Biden’s outlandish baseball claim, but reported: “We asked the White House for comment and got none.”

Biden was probably that kid everyone knew in school who could not stop lying about anything and everything — the kid who did everything just a little better than those around him.

Biden did not crush a pitch and launch it 368 feet during his second Congressional baseball game. The Democrat is either a pathological liar, a man coming unglued mentally, or both.

Since Biden has spent decades telling tall tales, it’s safe to say he’s at the very least a liar. But with regard to his recent and never-ending gaffes, slip-ups, brain malfunctions and flashcard incidents, it’s alarming that there is the very real possibility he is also compromised cognitively.

Biden is a uniquely weak individual who lacks humility and is an embarrassment to the country. It’s only natural to expect politicians to embellish their records. In this case, Biden didn’t think twice about pretending he was once the Babe Ruth of Delaware’s Congressional delegation. He is apparently unaware that people can use modern technology to easily disprove such stories within minutes.

Biden has a knack for attempting to fit in with people by making ridiculous claims, which is another layer to this ballgame lie. We have a president who is not only a shameless liar, but an incredibly insecure one.

In any event, Biden the liar has the country’s nuclear codes and he couldn’t be trusted Friday to cordially speak to athletes without feeding them unnecessary fibs about his own alleged past physical prowess. He hosted the World Series champions at the White House and tried to compete with them — telling them some absurd story that never happened about how he was once like they are.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Via The Federalist Papers

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