Mall of America Lockdown Lifted After ‘Isolated Incident’ With Gunshots

Police in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington are still searching for a suspect who allegedly fired shots inside the Mall of America Thursday, in what’s being characterized as an “isolated incident.”

The suspected shooter was able to flee the sprawling complex on foot shortly after the incident, and there were no victims, according to Bloomington police.

A grainy video posted to social media showed an unidentified man shouting while walking near the mall’s Nike store on Thursday.

The apparent sound of three gunshots occurred next.

Other online videos captured shoppers fleeing from the amusement park portion of the Mall of America, which launched in 1992 and became the country’s largest indoor shopping center.

And another video chronicled a pair of police officers, including one with a rifle, moving quickly through the mall, while civilians hurriedly exited the mall’s large atrium area, according to AP.

Fox News reports that NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and his family were at the Mall of America around the time of Thursday’s incident.

On Instagram and Twitter, Busch’s wife, Samantha, posted the following message:

“If you are seeing the news … we got out and are safe,” she wrote.

A video from a Fox TV affiliate in Fort Wayne, Indiana, briefly shows Kyle Busch and his son running from the “chaos and confusion” — per the tweet from @AndyParnas — shortly after word of a suspected gunman broke.

Also, around that time, Parnas tweeted: “Cops with rifles taking position. Mall PA system telling people to take shelter. Meanwhile several people are walking in unaware of what’s happening. #mallofamerica”

Via            Newsmax

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