Manchin Doubles Down, Enraging Democrats, Doesn’t Believe USA Should Turn Into an Entitlement Society

During an on-the-spot interview with MSNBC, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin doubled down on his opposition to his party’s $3.5 trillion spending bill saying he did not thing the USA should become an entitlement society.

“I’ve been very clear when it comes to who we are as — as a society, who we are as a nation and why we are still the hope of the world,” Manchin said. “I don’t believe that we should turn our society into an entitlement society.”

“I think that we should still be a compassionate, rewarding society,” he added. “I think that fairs best for all of us. But compassion means taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves.”

“Whether they’re young, whether they have some type of a — of — of a — a challenge in life, whether it be mental or physical. Those are responsibilities that we have. And we can all meet those responsibilities. And I feel very strongly about that. And we will continue — this is going to take time to get this done.”

“Getting it done quickly is not going to benefit anybody. So, let’s make sure that we do it and do it right.”

This seems like good news.

It seems that for now at least there are two Democrat Senators holding firm against their party’s seeming desire to remake America into a Socialist country.

Lets hope Manchin and Sinema can hold firm long enough that this spending orgy dies the slow death that it so rightly deserves.

Unfortunately putting our hope in two Democrat Senators is very risky business, lets hope this time that optimism is not misplaced.

As you might expect many Democrats, including Bernie Sanders are enraged by Manchin’s seemingly principled stand.

No matter what anyone thinks, no matter how mad Bernie and his fellow travelers get Joe Manchin is right about this. The USA was never meant to be, nor should it ever become an entitlement society.

Via    The Federalist Papers

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