Marjorie Taylor Greene Meets With Jan. 6 ‘Political Prisoners’

Leftist social justice warriors will not do it, but patriotic Americans need to stand up against the “God-awful conditions” President Joe Biden’s “political prisoners” from Jan. 6 are suffering in, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., told Newsmax.

“When we walked into that section of the jail that is completely separate from the rest of the inmates and the other pretrial defendants there – what I saw is what appeared to be men who were political prisoners of war,” Greene told Friday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “They had thought that they were forgotten. They had thought that everyone didn’t care about them. They felt hopeless.”

Despite being abandoned and abused by their country for Jan. 6, the inmates share a love of the country that does not love them back, singing the national anthem 9 p.m. every night in the “patriot wing,” Greene told host Greg Kelly.

“There’s people in this country that take a knee for our national anthem, people that make millions of dollars, but these men in jail, they sing, they stand for the national anthem, and they put their hand over their heart and they sing it more patriotically than I’ve ever heard in my life,” she added, saying Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and their congressional staffers sang along with them.

Greene had been rejected on demands for months to visit the controversial D.C. jail – which has been scrutinized for inhumane treatment of inmates – and was only permitted to visit the “patriot wing” after being initially denied access. She said she refused to leave and it required phone calls on her three-hour tour to get access to the “political prisoners of war.”

“It should never happen to anyone, and here’s what everyone can do: Stop being complacent, stop sitting on the sidelines, because complacency and sitting on the sidelines and refusing to speak out is why we are where we are in America,” Greene continued.

“You know this is the greatest country in the world, and we are not a country where people should just languish and rot away in jail simply because they didn’t like the outcome of an election.”

Greene does acknowledge some of the inmates are charged with crimes they must answer for from the events of Jan. 6, but being “political prisoners of war” and receiving the treatment they have are gross injustices and a function of weaponized political prosecution.

“These are men that are charged with crimes, and I’m not defending what they had done at the Capitol, and I’m not defending the riot, because I did not like the riot, but what I am there for and the reason why I’m standing up for this issue is I am I am solidly against political witch-hunts,” Greene continued. “And I’m against what’s happening to these men and how they’re being treated, and I do believe in due process. I believe in justice. I believe in our court system, and I don’t think politics should have anything to do with it.

“And these are men that have committed misdemeanors, and they have been held for nearly 10 months now, some of them since they were arrested in January, and it’s time for America to wake up. We can’t allow this to happen in our country.”

Despite Democrat-controlled cities doing away with cash bail and letting violent criminals out on the streets to commit more crime, the Jan. 6 political prisoners are being denied bail and “forced to stay in there, in horrible conditions,” Greene said.

“These people are there living in horrible conditions,” she continued. “Broken toilets, they can’t use the toilet. There’s mold on the walls.”

She also blasted corrections officials for restricting them to solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day for the first four months, and then for 22 hours a day for two more months.

“Imagine, on misdemeanor charges, being treated that way,” she said, adding if they refuse being vaccinated, they receive “even worse treatment.”

The jail had already been blasted by officials and referred to the Justice Department for contempt charges for its conditions.

“It didn’t even meet the minimum requirements that needed to be met, and so there’s 400 inmates that are being transferred to another facility in Pennsylvania,” Greene concluded. “So this is just another situation in a Democrat-run city where we are seeing subpar conditions.

“We’re seeing high crime and we are seeing people live in and God-awful conditions that should not exist.

“Even people whose crimes, they’ve been convicted; they’re serving their time, but they should not live in abuse and such horrible conditions.”

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