NCGOP Chairman Tells Republicans To Ignore Trump’s Saturday Endorsement of Ted Budd, According To Party Leadership

First thing Monday morning, after President Trump’s hugely successful speech at the NCGOP convention in Greenville, North Carolina, party officials pushed the messaging of  NCGOP chairman Michael Whatley to ignore Trump’s endorsement of US House Rep. Ted Budd for US Senate.

The Gateway Pundit attended the NCGOP Trump dinner and VIP event on Saturday night and spoke with numerous party members. We were told that Whatley ran for his position in the party as an advocate for Trump and was elected because party members believed he was close to the Trump administration.  Party members said that they expected Whatley would stay close to Trump’s America First agenda, yet he has been very hesitant to do that, according to numerous party members, to support or defend Trump.

Trump endorsed Ted Budd Saturday night, asking North Carolina voters to support “candidates who stand for our values”.   According to top Party officials, Whatley disagreed.

The following is a portion of a letter from the Union County GOP Chair, sent first thing Monday morning that discredited Trump’s position with Republicans:

Wow! What a great weekend for the NCGOP!

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First of all, it was wonderful to see everyone in person. We did not have that last year and it was greatly missed. Important connections are made that only happen in person.

The big highlight, of course, was President Trump’s visit. I hope you all caught it on TV.  He clearly outlined his policies, most of which are sorely missed. I think one of the most important things he discussed was going after China for reparations on the virus. He knows more than we do about it and the origins. ICYMI- You can find the speech on the Right side Broadcasting by looking at

Just a quick note from John Steward, our 9th District Chairman regarding Trump’s endorsement of Ted Budd-
“NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley just made a clear and strong statement, roughly paraphrased: Last night Pres Trump made an announcement at our convention regarding the US Senate race. He was not speaking on behalf of the Party. We did not know he was going to make an endorsement. The Party and Myself (Whatley, but applies to me and every other chairman) will remain neutral throughout the primary.”


Allison Powers

Chairman, Union County GOP

Ted Budd, who has been a close advocate of Trump’s America First agenda, faces two other candidates, one who Trump reportedly ignored during his visit is former Governor Pat McCory, and the other candidate is a two-time former candidate Mark Walker.

Trump said on Saturday night that he could not endorse the other, because he had lost twice already.

At the Convention in the VIP room before his appearance at the dinner, Trump gave a little tease that would have a big announcement and acknowledged both Ted Budd and Mark Walker, ignoring McCory altogether, so tensions in the room at Trump’s speech were heightened about the announcement.

Things seem to be heating up for the NCGOP over that Senate race. Politics is always entertaining with Trump around.

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