On July 4, Biden Says Freedoms Are Under Assault; Urges ‘Principled Patriotism’

Celebrating Independence Day, President Joe Biden on Monday said freedoms in America were under assault and urged citizens to engage in “principled patriotism” while the country faced economic challenges and national divisions.

“From the deepest depths of our worst crises, we’ve always risen to our higher heights,” Biden said in remarks at the White House. “We’ve been tested before, just as we’re being tested today, but we’ve never failed because we have never walked away from the core beliefs and promises that define this nation.”

Without citing it specifically, Biden seemed to acknowledge the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down Roe v Wade, which protected women’s rights to get abortions, while also noting challenges Americans faced economically.

“Our economy is growing, but not without pain. Liberty is under … assault, both here and abroad,” he said.

Biden urged unity despite divisions in the country.

“On this day amid the storm and strife, may we commit ourselves to a principled patriotism,” he said. “I believe we’re more united than we are divided. Even more I believe it’s a choice we make, and I believe it’s within our power to choose unity and unity of purpose.”

Via      Newsmax

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