Pence: ‘Woke’ Left Agitated for Culture Wars for Years; Now They’ve Got One and They’re Losing

Former Vice President Mike Pence suggested Thursday the “woke” left may rue the day they pushed for a culture war, given recent election results.

Speaking at a College Republicans event at Stanford University, just south of San Francisco, Pence couldn’t help noting Tuesday’s election results from the city.

“I had to read it twice. This week in San Francisco parents recalled three woke school board members who cared more about renaming schools than reopening them,” he said.

“I’ve got to tell you, those results are sending shock waves all across the country,” Pence added.

In 2020, San Francisco voted for Democrat Joe Biden over then-President Donald Trump by approximately 85 to 13 percent.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won reelection by 78 to 22 percent on that same ballot.

In other words, it is a Democrat town.

Nonetheless, voters recalled three San Francisco Unified School District members with over 70 percent of the voters in each case.

“The recall movement first gained steam more than a year ago as San Francisco Unified School District students remained stuck in distance learning, even when state and county officials gave the green light to reopen and while other public education systems were returning to in-person instruction,” the San Francisco Examiner reported.

“Calls grew more intense for the removal of the eligible board members when the board prioritized, while schools were still closed, the renaming of 44 campuses — whose names, such as Abraham Lincoln and Dianne Feinstein, it said, honored figures linked to racism and sexism,” according to the news outlet.

Other school names the board apparently found objectionable were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Theodore Roosevelt and naturalist and author John Muir, The New York Times said.

After public pushback, including from Democrat Mayor London Breed, the school board put the renaming plans on hold.

“Parents are taking back their schools all over the country,” Pence said.

“I mean, last year Republicans won the governorship in the blue state of Virginia, largely on the issue of education freedom,” the former vice president stated.

School COVID-19 policies and the teaching of crucial race theory were two of the top issues.

A Fox News poll found that 27 percent of respondents listed COVID policies as their top issue, while 25 percent named CRT.

On Wednesday, recently-minted GOP Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed legislation ending school mask mandates statewide.

Despite Biden winning Virginia by 10 percentage points in 2020, Youngkin carried the state in November by two percent.

As they keep losing and seeing the polls, “Democrats who supported cancel culture and school closures are starting to wake up,” Pence said.

“Truth is, many on the woke left have been spending years trying to agitate for a culture war; looks like they might just get one — and they’re going to lose it,” he concluded.

The law of unintended consequences appears to be in effect for the Democrats.

They’ve latched onto some pretty radical, un-American, and — it turns out — unpopular policies, and it’s already hurting them at the polls.

And it’s only likely to get worse this November.

Via        The Western Journal

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