Rep. Says Pelosi’s Pick for Transportation Committee Can’t Even Park a Car; Posts Video from a DC Street That Shows Her Hilarious Attempt

A video showing one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidates for the House Transportation Committee having trouble driving is now circulating around the internet.

The undated video, posted Monday by Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican, shows Democrat Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton attempting to park a silver car with the help of someone outside of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the parking job goes awry and seemingly partially boxes in another vehicle. The witnesses heard on the video remark that she has hit the adjacent red car multiple times during the process.

Instead of popping it into reverse and attempting to rectify the situation, the motorist instead simply exits the car and walks away. Yes, really.


“Folks,” Massie later wrote, “I’m not making this up.”

Responses to the video have ranged from humorous to rage-filled, with many questioning her fitness for office.


It turns out that Massie is right — this video is of Norton, but it’s not a recent clip.

Fox 5 DC followed up on Norton in 2015, when the parking job was executed and filmed.

Norton offered little excuse, saying she was late for a television interview. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, right?

In an apparent mockery, Norton laughed off her disruptive actions.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I signed up for parking lessons. I’m even thinking of upgrading to a self-parking car.”

In the seven years since this video, let’s hope this 84-year-old congresswoman’s driving skills have improved.

While not immediately important to a demanding and stressful job on the Transportation Committee, it’s clear that the drivers of Washington, D.C. would appreciate her effort.

Via      The Western Journal

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