Report: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Eyes 2024 Presidential Run

New York City Mayor Eric Adams may be eyeing a 2024 White House run so long as President Joe Biden doesn’t seek a second term, sources close to Adams told the New York Post.

“Eric has told me repeatedly that he thinks that he has a platform to run for national office, for president in 2024,” the source told the Post. “He has said that repeatedly. He thinks New York is a national platform. He thinks the national party has gotten too far to the left and he thinks he has a platform to win.”

The Post reported that while there is no active campaign or federal fundraising, the mayor has appeared in a diverse group of conferences.

Earlier in May, Adams left for Los Angeles, where he schmoozed with high rollers at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills. In March, he attended a cryptocurrency conference in Miami. Also in March, he met with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot at a conference, where he promised to run on a crusade to end gun violence.

But according to Adams’ adviser, Evan Thies, the mayor’s only focus is lowering the crime in New York City.

“The mayor,” Thies said, “has not had any conversations with anyone about running for president. He is 100% focused on lowering crime and improving the economy in New York, and bringing this city back.”

Via          Newsmax 

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