Richmond Police Arrest Two Men Allegedly Planning Mass Shooting

Richmond, Virginia, police announced on Wednesday that two men have been arrested following a tip that they were planning a mass shooting on the Fourth of July, Fox 10 Phoenix reports.

Authorities found over 200 rounds of ammunition, several magazines, two rifles and a handgun in the possession of 52-year-old Julio Alvarado-Dubon and 38-year-old Rolman A. Balacarcel. Each faces the charge of “non-U.S. citizen possession of a firearm,” and may face additional charges, according to Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith.

Richmond Police said that they received a tip from a “hero citizen” that Dubon was allegedly planning a mass shooting at Richmond’s Dogwood Dell, which they investigated along with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

“They were planning to shoot up our Fourth of July celebration,” Smith said.

“We know what their intent is but we don’t have a motive,” he continued, adding that the “majority of our police department was working on the Fourth … we also had concerns about the Diamond and the baseball game as well too.”

Via        Newsmax

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