Rittenhouse Reveals His Plans for AR-15 He Used to Kill 2 in Self Defense During BLM Riot

Having had a minute to process his acquittal on all five counts against him, a very relaxed, amiable and self-possessed Kyle Rittenhouse sat down with Charlie Kirk, host of The Charlie Kirk Show, and Human Events editor Jack Posobiec for an hour-long interview on Monday. Rittenhouse family spokesman Dave Hancock was also present. The podcast aired on Tuesday.

One of the most memorable moments of the trial came during Kenosha Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger’s closing arguments. Holding the AR-15 Rittenhouse had used to defend himself against his attackers on August 25, 2020, finger on the trigger, Binger inexplicably pointed the gun at the gallery.

Kirk played a clip of Binger holding the gun.

The group agreed that Binger had violated two golden rules of gun safety: A shooter should not place their finger on the trigger or point a gun at a target unless they intend to fire.

“He was pointing his gun at the gallery and I looked at my attorney. I said, ‘Corey [Chirafisi], that’s Gun Safety 101. Loaded or unloaded, treat a gun like it’s loaded,’” Rittenhouse said.

“This was your gun, right?” Kirk asked.

“That’s my rifle – that we’re having destroyed right now,” he replied. “We don’t want anything to do with that.”

It’s quite remarkable – and admirable – that Rittenhouse is having the gun destroyed.

Given the notoriety of this case, this rifle would likely fetch a tidy sum at an auction. Rather than capitalizing on his fame, he has chosen to destroy it.

Before Rittenhouse took the stand, a discussion between his attorneys and the judge about his fitness to testify turned up the fact that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to Kenosha News, lead defense attorney Mark Richards told the judge, “He’s in therapy. I don’t think he has a mental illness or anything. As a result of this incident (referring to Aug. 25, 2020), he has PTSD.”

I imagine he would have horrible flashbacks every time he looks at the gun.

Destroying the gun is a symbol of moving on. He clearly wants to put this whole incident behind him as best he can.

In the clip below, the teenager speaks with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about his plans for the future.

Prior to August 2020, Rittenhouse planned on a career in nursing. Now, he’s considering a career in law.

He understands the challenges that simply being Kyle Rittenhouse will bring. But he also appears to be incredibly capable of handling whatever comes his way.

Via      The Western Journal.

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