Ronna McDaniel: ‘No’ to Forced Vaccines

In December of 2020, Joe Biden told the American people that he would never demand vaccine mandates. In July 2021, White House press secretary Jen Psaki doubled down on that claim, stating that it was “not the role of the federal government” to force Americans to get vaccinated.

But last week, Biden took the unconstitutional, dictatorial step of forcing vaccines on companies and families across America.

This is divisive and un-American.

Biden’s decree flies in the face of individual autonomy; it will have a destructive impact on America’s small businesses.

When Biden and his administration claim that businesses can shoulder the fine for not complying with forced vaccines, they’re lying by omission: big corporations might be able to take the hit, but many small businesses which make up the backbone of our economy cannot.

It’s important to remember that our small businesses are already struggling — as a result of Democrat-led COVID-19 lockdowns and supplemental unemployment benefits.

These de-incentivize working. Businesses are having trouble hiring and staying afloat.

This authoritarian move by Biden might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for small businesses and workers across America.

An honest look at who this mandate impacts reveals a concerning lack of foresight from the Biden administration. Unvaccinated Americans are disproportionately lower-income and minority citizens.

For Biden to target them — as he repeatedly did throughout his aggressive and divisive speech announcing the unconstitutional mandate — is reprehensible.

He is trying to turn groups of Americans against one another.

This is a transparent and cynical attempt to shift blame for his own failures onto the people he took an oath to represent. Remember, while campaigning, Biden promised he would “shut down the virus,” pitching himself as the candidate who could most effectively lead us through this pandemic.

Instead of leading, he has let it get out of control, and spends his time trying to bully Republican governors into acceding to his unconstitutional demands.

The reality?

COVID cases are now spiking and Biden has squandered the pandemic-mitigation tools left behind by President Donald Trump.

President Trump delivered us the vaccine in record time thanks to his groundbreaking “Operation Warp Speed” initiative. By the time Biden took office, nearly one million shots were already being administered on a daily basis.

Biden’s failure to shut down the virus comes after he and Kamala Harris spent months on the campaign trail sowing doubt about the vaccine’s viability.

That’s right: after trying to undermine the vaccine for months, Biden is using it as a tool to divide America and concurrently shred our Constitution.

For Democrats, COVID-19 is a political opportunity.

To be clear, I am pro-vaccine. I was happy to receive the Moderna shot in March 2021.

However, I am firmly anti-mandate because in America, freedom matters. That’s why the Republican National Committee (RNC) has committed to suing the Biden administration if this blatantly unconstitutional power-grab goes into effect.

It’s unacceptable for the federal government to direct Americans to undergo a compulsory medical procedure. We cannot allow this power-hungry administration to expand its control over the day-to-day lives of Americans more so than it already has.

The COVID crisis is just Biden’s latest failure, in addition to the border crisis, skyrocketing crime, and his recent Afghanistan disaster. Instead of working to address the COVID crisis head-on, he’s trying to make it go away by using the powers of the federal government to hammer Americans into subservience.

It will not stand.

Republicans will continue using every avenue at our disposal to oppose Biden’s big-government authoritarianism.

Ronna McDaniel is the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

Via  Newsmax

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