Trump endorses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for reelection

Former President Trump has thrown his support behind Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) reelection bid as the governor finds himself embroiled in a fight with Democrats in the state over a controversial new voting rights bill.

Trump said in a statement Tuesday endorsing Abbott that the Texas Republican “is a fighter and a Great Governor for the incredible people of Texas” and has helped turn the state into a “job-creating machine.”

“Governor Greg Abbott will continue to be a great leader for the Lone Star State, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement for re-election. He will never let you down!” Trump said in the statement, which was distributed by Save America, his leadership PAC.

Trump’s endorsement, which continues to hold immense sway among Republicans in Texas and elsewhere, comes as a battle over voting rights gets ready to explode in the Lone Star State.

Democrats in the state legislature blocked a controversial bill from coming to the floor by staging a walkout over the weekend, denying the state House a quorum. That temporarily halted the legislature from being able to send the bill to Abbott’s desk for a signature.

The bill would, among other things, limit early voting and curbside voting, bar around-the-clock voting centers and curtail the use of drop boxes.

Republicans have railed against the Democrats’ move, saying the bill will still pass in a special session later this year, and Abbott said he would veto the legislature’s budget to cut lawmakers’ salaries.

The mushrooming fight has drawn national attention as Republican-led states across the country mull their own voting restrictions.

Trump has been the chief cheerleader of the effort as he continues to level unsubstantiated allegations that widespread voter fraud cost him the 2020 presidential race.

Republicans have jumped on his calls for voter restrictions even though several recounts and audits have confirmed that no widespread fraud took place.

Abbott was first elected to the governorship in 2014 and handily won reelection in 2018 by more than 13 points. He is favored to win a third term next year.

“President Trump is a great friend of Texas, and I thank him for his endorsement,” Abbott said in a statement Tuesday. “I am proud of the work we have done together to secure the border, bring more jobs to Texas, and protect the freedoms that that make America and Texas great-and we are just getting started. I thank President Trump for his leadership. and I will continue to fight for the values that make Texas the greatest state in America.”

Via The Hill

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