Trump Reaches Out, Comforts Gold Star Families Who Biden Made Irate

America’s Gold Star families deserve the highest level of respect, reverence and care as they grieve. Unfortunately, what they get is President Joe Biden.

Contrary to leftists who claim he’s the empath in chief, Biden has been callous and abrasive as he salted many fresh wounds while meeting with grieving families of fallen heroes — and now it’s up to former President Donald Trump to carry them through instead.

When he was still vice president under then-President Barack Obama, Biden made a disturbing comment to a war widow that she was “too pretty for this to happen to” while meeting with the family of 20-year-old Army Pfc. Tyler Iubelt, who had been killed in the war in Afghanistan in November 2016.

“It’s probably a good thing that he was surrounded by Secret Service, probably for both of us, because I’d probably be locked up in jail right now,” the soldier’s father, Michael Iubelt, said about the then-vice president’s creepy words to his daughter-in-law.

The family also remarked on how Biden expressed discouragement over the war effort their son had just given his life to.

“Well, unfortunately, they’re a 14th-century country, they don’t want us there, they’re never going to change,” Biden said to the family about Afghanistan, according to Tyler Iubelt’s mother, Charlotte Loquasto.

Now that he’s president and largely responsible for the deaths of 13 service members who were killed in a suicide bombing Aug. 26 during the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has had terrible run-ins with those mourning their loved ones.

According to families attending the dignified transfer ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Aug. 29, Biden was cold and uncaring, glancing at his watch multiple times during the event.


The private meetings with the president didn’t go much better — in fact, his demeanor and comments were so bad that one family member had to leave the meeting.

The family said that Biden seemed rigid and his words rehearsed, and he mostly talked about the death of his son, Beau, from cancer instead of the deceased Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum whose family he was supposed to be comforting.

Maybe that’s why many families of those killed in that same suicide bombing refused to meet with the president, knowing that he was uncaring about the situation he created.

Thankfully, one grieving father was comforted with a special phone call from the previous commander in chief, according to The Washington Post.

Marine Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover’s family had declined a meeting with Biden, but Darin Hoover, the deceased’s father, later received a call from Trump that lifted his spirits.

“It was just very cordial, very understanding. He was awesome,” Hoover said of the former president. “He was just talking about the finest of the finest. He said he heard and saw everything that we had said, and he offered his condolences several times, and how sorry he was.”

Gold Star mother Shana Chappell invited the former president to their loved ones’ funerals while shunning Biden, whom she said disrespected her family and tried to make the meeting about himself and the loss of his own son — just as he had done to other families.

Some are claiming that this outpouring is Trump’s attempt to curry favor with voters since he has often hinted at a 2024 presidential run.

However, it’s clear from the way these families speak about Biden that it was necessary for someone in government to reach out to them to offer genuine condolences and sympathy.

Regardless of what the establishment media have tried to say about the former president, it was always clear that he loved members of the military and that they loved him. Who can forget that simple gesture on a tarmac in 2017 when he retrieved a Marine’s hat — twice — and placed it back on his head, giving him an encouraging pat on the shoulder?


Trump may be many things, but he is absolutely incapable of being phony, and military members and their families know how sincere his respect for them is.

The people fighting for our freedom abroad and the families that are left behind when they die don’t want to hear from Biden about what a mistake the war was.

Many don’t want to meet the man that likely caused their loved one’s death in the first place, and they certainly don’t want to hear Biden making it all about himself and his late son.

Like many other mainstream media myths, it’s clear that Biden’s reputation for empathy is little more than a feeble attempt to cover up the reality of his character.

He’s self-centered, he’s angry and he despises the U.S. military with every fiber of his being — in other words, he’s a typical Democrat.

Thank God our previous president is a class act who can appreciate the great sacrifice Gold Star families have made and continues to treat them with the dignity and care that they deserve.

Via  The Western Journal

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