Trump to Newsmax: Woke Is ‘Losers’ Philosophy’

The Democrats’  philosophy is “America Last,” former President Donald Trump tells Newsmax.

“Look at what’s happening with Russia,’ he told Newsmax’s Benny Johnson before his keynote speech at the day-long “Rally to Save Our Elections” event in Phoenix on Saturday. “Look at what’s happening with China. Look what’s happening with Iran. Iran would have had a deal with us within a week. I would have completed a deal with Iran. Now they’re asking for money. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Trump also talked about the U.S. Olympics team after some members would not respect the flag or the National Anthem.

“I think they’re disgraceful,” he said. “I think woke is really a losers’ philosophy. Take a look at what’s happening to the women’s soccer team. They lost to Sweden. Woke means lose. The sad part is the Americans are rooting for the opponent. They don’t like these people. They don’t like what they saw happening. Some of the women stood up proudly. It wasn’t all of them….(the others) should never disrespect our flag or our country.”

Trump also commented on the ongoing argument between Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Dr. Anthony Fauci and the senator’s call for an investigation on the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Rand has been very strong on Fauci,” said Trump. “I thought Fauci did a great job. Everything he said, I did the opposite. I did right on just about all of it.

And when asked if he’d rather run against Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris in 2024, the former president pointed to polls showing Biden’s ratings low.

“You’re looking at the same polls I’m looking at,” he said. “They’re vicious people. They’ll do anything to stop it; they want to stop the MAGA movement…they’ll do anything.”

Via Newsmax

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