Videos Show Taliban Hanging Body by the Neck from Biden’s Left-Behind US Black Hawk Helicopter – Report

There are disturbing reports of a Taliban-operated helicopter flying around the Kandahar province of Afghanistan carrying a dead body.

The kicker? The helicopter in the clip appears to be a Black Hawk, meaning that this is likely an American military aircraft that was seized by the Taliban during the takeover because the Afghan military could not properly protect the equipment.

Social media went ablaze with the sickening clip, with some placing the blame on President Joe Biden.

WARNING: The following videos contain graphic images that some viewers will find offensive.

“If this is what it looks like… the Taliban hanging somebody from an American Blackhawk… I could vomit. Joe Biden is responsible,” conservative commentator Liz Wheeler tweeted.

“This is the Taliban, that the Biden administration called ‘pragmatic’ and ‘businesslike’ Pragmatically and businesslike hanging an American interpreter from an American Blackhawk helicopter and if the GOP has any balls this would be every campaign ad in 2022,” conservative writer Carmine Sabia wrote.

Christiaan Triebert, a reporter at The New York Times, corroborated the account of the Taliban’s use of the helicopter by mentioning how the aircraft was seen on a tarmac earlier this month.

“Days ago, video had already appeared showing the US-made helicopter taxiing on tarmac. Circumstances of pilot are unclear (you don’t just fly a helicopter like that, could be former AAF pilot),” he tweeted.

The video began making the rounds on Twitter shortly after the U.S. officially removed all soldiers from Afghanistan on Monday.

The lack of protection (or destruction) of American military equipment by Afghan and American forces prior to the takeover has been one of the biggest failures of the withdrawal, as it is unclear what other tools the Taliban now have at their disposal.

Thankfully, much of the equipment is decommissioned, but exceptions like this Black Hawk helicopter are cause for alarm.

Displaying a dead body swinging from an American helicopter is a giant middle finger to the Western world that has battled terrorism for the past two decades.

Biden and his top military personnel need to be held accountable for the atrocities that have resulted from the poorly planned end of the War in Afghanistan.

Videos like these show only a tiny portion of what the Taliban could be capable of, and one can only imagine the horrors that happen behind closed doors.

Via  The Western Journal

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