Watch: During Race Kid Shocks Announcer By Sneaking in ‘Lets Go Brandon’

The “Lets Go, Brandon” craze is sweeping the nation as people become increasingly dissatisfied with the direction of the nation and the economy.

Higher gas prices, empty store shelves, open borders and a Democrat Congress seemingly dead set on transforming this country via a massive spending bill, and more have all fueled the discontent.

As many know “lets go, Brandon” is a euphemism for F&*k Joe Biden.”


“Let’s Go Brandon refers to a viral video of NASCAR racer Brandon Brown speaking to NBC about winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series while the crowd chants “fuck Joe Biden,” which the newscaster claims is a chant of “let’s go Brandon” instead, seemingly as a form of damage control. The video went viral in October 2021 following numerous reports of people chanting “fuck Joe Biden” at sports events began surfacing around September in protest of President Biden and often to show support for Trump. In early October people started using the phrase in place of “fuck Joe Biden” to criticize and joke about the President.”

Now this craze has even reached children:

While I do not condone teaching your kids to disrespect adults, I do understand the sentiment.

Joe Biden is a disgrace and would never be in the White House today if the voting rules were not changed at the last minute, and if the media had told the truth about his mental state.

Lets Go, Brandon!

Via    The Federalist Papers

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