Watch the Bizarre Moment Biden Pulls Something Out of His Pocket and Eats It During Middle of Obama Speech

Joe Biden’s handlers may be controlling the government behind the scenes, but they are incapable of controlling Joe Biden.

Almost every time the president appears in public, something odd and off-putting occurs.

On Tuesday, Biden absentmindedly and very visibly on stage unwrapped and ate something in the middle of a speech by former President Barack Obama.

RNC Research shared the cringe-worthy moment on Twitter.

If Biden were an ordinary man, in an ordinary job, the moment wouldn’t be exceptional. Maybe it was a cough drop or a mint as he prepared to take the microphone himself.

But he’s not in an ordinary job, and a scene like that can’t help but be embarrassing. After a lifetime in the public eye, Biden should realize how his behavior comes across on camera.

This came before the introduction Biden gave himself, where he confessed his still-subservient attitude to Obama: “My name is Joe Biden, I’m Barack Obama’s vice president,” he said, as the crowd cheered.

Biden then proceeded to acknowledge another one of his managers: “I’m Jill Biden’s husband.”

The aftermath of the speech was even more painful to watch. As Washington swamp sycophants swirled around Obama, Biden wandered around, shut out and ignored:

In a moment that’s almost painful to watch, Obama remained unengaged even when Biden put his hand on his shoulder:

At best, Biden’s gaffes and public embarrassments are major lapses in situational awareness and decorum.

At worst, the missteps are more evidence of a cognitively impaired pretend executive being awkwardly shuffled into situations he does not have the capacity to navigate.

It is sad to see anyone in this condition on a personal level. When it involves the occupant of the Oval Office, it’s a massive tragedy for the United States, and by extension, the whole world.

Biden often appears lost, waiting to be instructed on what to do next and Republican lawmakers have demanded he take a cognitive test to prove his ability to function. In a February Rasmussen poll, two-thirds of Americans surveyed agreed.

Democrats know what the results would show.

Barak Obama may have previously hinted at how the scenario could be playing out.

In an interview in November of 2020, Obama told CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert about how an unconstitutional third term of his presidency could be arranged.

Obama stammered through this statement: “If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a frontman or frontwoman, and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff, then I could sort of deliver the lines but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, then I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating.”

Many do not believe Obama is running the show still. Obama probably had handlers himself.

Still, the prospect is troubling.

In the context of all the disasters of the Biden administration, the “Candygate” moment at the White House on Tuesday is a minor incident. It’s only important when considered along with all of Biden’s other troubling actions. It suggests the man installed in the presidency is disconnected from reality.

Perhaps the handlers don’t care when Biden flops around while the world watches. But Americans who love their country are paying very close attention.

Via      The Western Journal

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