Witness Says 5-Year-Old Boy Was Executed Over Fear He Would ‘Snitch’

Crime is soaring in Joe Biden’s America.

Democrat-run metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco are teeming with violence and decay. Neither property nor life are safe in the pervasive chaos.

A Detroit teenager provided a horrific example of the consequences of declining law and order. After allegedly killing two adults for ambiguous reasons, he is then suspected of shooting a five-year-old boy. The gunman told others he executed the child because he thought he was “going to snitch on him.”

According to WJBK, Malcolm Hardy is going on trial for the Feb. 18 murders of Aaron Benson, LaShon Marshall and her young son, Caleb Marshall.

Hardy’s story about the incident does not make much sense. Hardy delivered weed for Benson, according to WJBK.

Hardy claims Benson attacked him on the night of the murders, and he defended himself by shooting Benson with Benson’s own gun.

Hardy then accidentally shot Marshall once, but shot her again, presumably on purpose.

Hardy then worried Marshall’s little boy would tell on him, so he turned the gun on the child.

The judge in the case noted Benson was shot nine times, Marshall four times and Caleb Marshall nine times. A total of 22 shots were fired in the home.

Hardy was at the house with a friend’s brother; however, according to Hardy, he was not inside the house during the incident.

Ironically for someone who had just killed a kid to cover up his crime, the same night Hardy told the whole story to his friend, to explain why his brother and him had come home so upset. Hardy still had the gun with him at that point, though he later disposed of it.

The brother testified at the hearing about the statements Hardy made that night. The names of the witness and his brother were not disclosed, and it is unclear if the brother, who was with Hardy, is cooperating with the investigation.

Another story on WJBK added more troubling details. Hardy was only 16 at the time of the killings.

Benson’s cousin went to check on Benson because relatives had not heard from him in days. This cousin testified he found the back door had been kicked in. He then entered the home and found the bodies.

It appears this crime may have been more than a spontaneous scuffle and an accidental discharge.

Leftists would blame the crime on guns. Trying to take guns away from people who are not criminals is one of their core principles.

The problem is not the gun.

The problem is the callous disregard for life in people like Hardy, which may have been encouraged by the radical policies of Democrat enclaves.

Another example would be activists like Quintez Brown, who preached an anti-gun message before he allegedly tried to shoot a mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky.

Even Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan fed into the disdain for a civil society. She was a leader of the Defund the Police movement, which did much to embolden criminals and undermine the rule of law.

People like Caleb are the innocent victims of a twisted political machine that uses turmoil to maintain its own power.

Via          The Western Journal

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