Biden Covid Advisor: We’ll Go “Neighborhood by Neighborhood, Person by Person” To Vaccinate Millions More

The White House and it’s allies have been pushing a new plan to go door to door to educate those who have not had a covid vaccination as to why it’s important that they do so.

During an interview on CNN earlier today HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra doubled down on the idea of going door to door to get more people vaccinated claiming it’s the governments business to know who is vaccinated and who is not.

Now White House Covid Advisor Jeff Zients is basically saying the same thing. During a press conference today Zients said those who are “vaccinated have a very high degree of protection and those who are not fully vaccinated are not protected. So every individual that we vaccinate is a step forward, and across the summer months we’ll vaccinate millions more individuals.”

The Biden administration is dead serious about knocking on the doors of those who have chosen not to get vaccinated in order to get them to change their mind.

This is not going to end well.

Is it right for the government to show up at the front doors of those who have refused vaccination to encourage them to do so?

How would you respond if a representative of the federal government showed up at your front door to talk about covid vaccinations?

How do you think the Democrats and the media might have responded if this door to door push had been organized by the Trump administration?

Via The Federalist Papers

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