Matt Schlapp to Newsmax: Trump to Tell the World, You Won’t Silence Us

A defiant former President Donald Trump is going to deliver a message to the world Sunday at CPAC, you cannot shut us down, chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp told Newsmax.

“I think the biggest screw you to the cancel culturalists, as the culmination of this CPAC in the big red state of Texas, Donald Trump to take the stage and tell the world that no matter what they do, they will not shut him down,” Schlapp told Saturday’s “The Count.

“And I think that is the most important thing we can do to save this country.”

Schlapp is running a summer edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas, this weekend with Trump to deliver the final keynote address, setting the stage for the 2022 midterms “to be a watershed in the effort to take back America.”

Schlapp vowed to host Eric Bolling, cancel culture is ultimately going to be canceled.

“This is obnoxious, it’s un-American, it’s propaganda, and the people in this room – this is a sold-out CPAC by the way, Eric, and we put it together at the last minute – it’s an indicator of what’s going on in this country,” Schlapp continued.

“We’re not just going to give this up to the left anymore. The left harangues these CEOs and corporations and demands that they genuflect to their socialist agenda, even when it’s not in the interest of shareholders and the company.”

Schlapp also took aim at the mainstream media’s turn away from news toward liberal activism and the silencing of contrarian views.

“These stations have just turned on anybody who’s got any contrary view, and it’s sad,” Schlapp said. “They always try to save that conservatives are conspiracy theorists and they say that we’re peddling all these myths and everything else.

“If CNN cares so much about where people go for their news, why don’t they just go back to their old model where they covered the news. And all these woke news corporations have abandoned it, and I really want to applaud you, personally, and Newsmax for not doing that, for going after the truth of what’s going on in America, and covering CPAC so fairly.

“So, thank you; it’s nice refreshing breeze.”

Schlapp also called out efforts in the media and education systems to breed our youth to be “a soldier in the communist orthodoxy.”

“We’re at this strange time where we’ve had the death of so many things: the death of fair news, except as I said for few exceptions like Newsmax, the death of these elite institutions and our faith in them,” Schlapp said. “We’ve had the death of polling. Polling is really gone and never seems to reflect reality.

“We’ve also had the death of this thinking that elite institutions are the best things for our kids.”

Schlapp said we have to take back our political freedom of speech and thought, or else just cancel those institutions in retaliation and not feed them with or money to educate our next generations.

“If we can’t change them, we certainly have make sure we save the souls of our kids,” he concluded.

Via Newsmax

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